This traveller’s journal was created by stitching together a traditional text block, and then sew that to a leather cover with the long stitch method. The covers are made of durable 2-2.5 mm thick leather that has been stained with dark brown leather dye and treated with leather wax.

The front part of the cover has kept the live raw edge from the original hide, where a brass lock is fastened with double cap rivets. In total there are 128 sheets, og 256 pages, of thick (120 gsm) A5 sized drawing paper inside. The thick leather keeps the journal just rigid enough and keeps the pages nice and safe.


With the long stitch method we’ve created this A5 sized journal. In the video you can see the creation of a similar book using many of the same techniques used to create this journal.

– Approximate book dimensions:
Width: 15.5 cm, length: 22.5 cm, thickness: 3.5 cm
Width: 6.1″, length: 8.8″, thickness: 1.3″
– Weight: 0.56 kg / 1.23 lbs

– 128 sheets / 256 A5 pages
– 120 gsm drawing paper
– 2-2.5mm leather covers
– Long stitch spine
– Brass lock with double cap rivets