This leatherbound book was created though the use of traditional medieval bookbinding techniques. The pages are sewn onto jute cords that create three thick ridges along the spine when covered up with leather. The covers themselves are made of 3 mm wooden fiberboards to make the book solid and durable. To increase the rigidity of the spine, it has been covered with 0.4 mm black real sheep leather. Overlapped by the leather, the covers are wrapped with black velvet.

On the front cover there’s an amethyst centerpiece surrounded by brass leaves. All corners are enveloped by protective brass corners. Headbands have been hand sewn in black and blue embroidery thread, and there are two bookmarks sewn onto the spine in blue and silver. There are 248 sheets of A5 size, or 496 pages of thick (120 gsm) paper with a slightly smooth surface that gives you plenty of space to write on.


With traditional medieval bookbinding techniques we’ve created this thick A5 sized tome. In the video you can see the creation of another book that was made in the exact same manner, showing every detail of the process.

– Approximate book dimensions:
Width: 17.5 cm, length: 22 cm, thickness: 5 cm
Width: 6.8″, length: 8.6″, thickness: 1.9″
– Weight: 1.26 kg / 2.77 lbs

– 248 sheets / 496 A5 pages
– 120 gsm, slightly smooth paper
– 0.4mm black sheep leather & black velvet
– Cord stitching
– 3mm wood fiberboard covers
– Amethyst ornament centerpiece
– Brass leaf decorations
– Brass corner protectors
– Blue & black hand sewn headbands
– Blue and silver bookmarks
– Blue end pages