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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of questions we often get related to either out YouTube channel in general, or the website itself. You can ask us questions in the comment section on YouTube, and we might answer them here!

Where is your shop located?

In Norway (Northern Europe).

How long does it take to create a book?

It really depends on what kind of book it is, how it is bound, and what kind of materials and decorations it contains. Here are some examples (click the pictures to view the galleries):


The Auðun book required 18 active hours of work to complete.


The Elyssae book needed 10 hours to finish.


The Hjálmarr book required 20 hours to complete.

Do you do book commisions?

I am not taking commissions for the moment for several reasons, but I might do so in the future. Anyhow, I will not make a true copy of any of my previous books as I want every single one to be unique, but I can make something similar / make alterations on the design. I will not copy any other people’s designs either.

Do you have any merch?

Yes, we have just launched it over at Teespring!

Can we republish your videos / content on our Facebook page / other sites?

We do not accept, under any circumstance, reuploads of our content on other YouTube channels.

We no longer allow other Facebook pages to republish our videos. You can, however, share the short version of our videos that we create and publish on our own Facebook page here. If you have other requests about sharing our content on other sites than Facebook or YouTube, please contact us via email.